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PSL Approved Lusitano Stallion at Stud

Nimbus do Mirante is a 1992, flashy bay, approved PSL, Lusitano stallion imported from the Interagro Stud in Brazil. He received dressage training at Haras do Arete, home of the famous Ganc family. Since arriving in the USA, Nimbus has led an illustrious carrier as a breeding stallion and dressage competitor. In dressage he earned the 3rd level Horse of the Year award with median scores of over 70%.

Nimbus scored exceptionally well at his revision in Brazil receiving 9's for his head and neck, 8's on his shoulder and withers, 8's on his torso and chest and 7 on his movement for a total of 77.0 %. Nimbus is extremely athletic and he passes this trait on to his offspring. Nimbus has produced at least 15 PSL offspring to date. He produces excellent bone and size with big, forward movement. For example, his grandson, Estavao, is 16.0 hands at only 2 years of age.

Nimbus will return to the competitive dressage arena in 2014, under Junior / Young Rider, Miriah Mather. His tractable disposition and competitive spirit gives his 17 year old, rider an exceptional mount to compete at the upper levels of Dressage. He has proven himself time and time again in the show ring as a worthy and competitive horse even against more traditional breeds. The judges love him!


Nimbus do Mirante is a beautiful horse to behold. His baroque beauty is unique and powerful. At 20 years of age, he is still sound and agile and enjoys his daily workouts. It is a true testament to his sound breeding and his breed.

Nimbus do Mirante


1992 Lusitano Stallion

Bay, 16.0 Hands

PSL Approved


Owner: Carolyn Carroll

Breeder: Fazendas Interago LTDA

Sire: Zico

Dam: Dominha II2013

Breeding Fee: $2000

Fresh cooled semen only

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